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Copyright Assignment

Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference: 2021 Proceedings

It is the policy of SME, Inc. to safeguard works contributed to SME publications by copyrighting them in the name of SME, Inc. To do so, SME must determine that:

  • The work is not already under copyright by publication elsewhere.
  • The author(s) transfer copyright to SME by executing Part A of this form.
  • If the author(s)s are government employees and their work is not subject to copyright, they execute Part B of this form.
  • If the author(s) did the work as work for “hire,” as part of their employment, they have obtained the employer’s authorization to sign Part A of this form as agent, or the employer must sign.

What SME Requires:

  1. That author(s) ensure that they are owners of the work and the copyright for it and have not transferred ownership of part or all of it to any other person or organization except those parts clearly indicated by credits, that the work is original and not copied from some other work, and that if the work has been done for hire, the employer has agreed to release of copyright.
  2. The exclusive right to the work, to publish it within two years of this assignment.
  3. The right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works based upon it, and to distribute it in whatever way SME deems fit.
  4. That SME controls resale and reuse of the work by requiring that other publishers who desire to use any part of it obtain written permission to do so. Anyone desiring to reproduce the work for resale obtain written permission from SME.

What SME Permits:

  • The author(s) may reproduce their work or allow reproduction by coworkers, employees, employers, and professional colleagues for individual research and informational purposes including internal distribution within the company or organization by whom the work was authorized.
  • Use of the work as the basis for preparing future works.
  • Retention by the author(s) and/or employer of all patent rights.
  • Reproduction for classroom purposes in accordance with the “Fair Use” doctrine.

SME hereby agrees that if it does not publish the work within five years, or if the work is withdrawn by the author(s) before SME has made definite and specific plans for its publication, SME will reassign the copyright to the author(s).

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Over four decades of conferences, RETC provides both the experienced tunneling professional and the individual just starting in the business the opportunity to stay connected while integrating new ideas and innovations into contracting, design, and construction.

Bill Mariucci
Team Leader, Kiewit infrastructure Co.
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